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You Have Reached the Home of the

Laughing Dog

We invite you to linger and read about laughing dogs and other secrets of our best friends.

What is a dog laugh?

A dog laugh is a forced breathy exhalation through the mouth. Dogs produce this sound during play. This breathy exhalation, dog-laughter, appears to be a vocalization exclusive to play encounters and friendly encounters with other dogs and people. This vocalization is a signal to reinforce play, a signal to initiate of play, and to demonstrate good intentions.

What does a dog laugh sound like?

The forced breathy exhalation sounds very much like a human laugh with the vocal vowel removed. For example, if you laughed Hah, hah, hah - then simply remove the "A," the same amount of forced air is released.

Where can I read the research paper?

We have posted the research paper from the proceedings of the International Conference on Environmental Enrichment (2005), Dog Laughter: Recorded playback reduces stress related behavior of shelter dogs.

Where can I hear a recording of this sound?

We have a small sample of the vocalization here. Just click here.

For a full recording, we are offering a CD for purchase. The full recording is 45 minutes of digitally recorded dog laughter.

To order, please download this order form, print it, complete it, and mail it with a check or money order for $19.95 + $5 S&H (Total $24.95) payable to PeTalk. Washington state residents please include $2.25 sales tax (Total $27.20).