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Patricia R. Simonet

02/05/1959  –  12/02/2010

Patricia Simonet & Goodall-the-Dog
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Patricia Simonet
Cognitive Ethologist & Animal Behaviorist


Patricia was an applied animal behaviorist and research scientist. She split her time between counseling pets and their humans, and researching the amazing behaviors of non-human animals. She began her graduate studies with Washoe, the first great ape to learn American Sign Language. Although that is where she began she soon studied culture in golden hamsters, self-recognition in elephants, reconciliation in chimps, dog laughter, dog rules during play, and most recently, reducing stress in shelter dogs by broadcasting a recording of dog laughter.

Her research has garnered world-wide attention, newspapers & magazines from Russia to Australia, from Japan to Germany, and from the US to the UK have published stories on her original research.

She has appeard on Good Morning America, NPR, BBC World Service, and more describing her research. Patricia's research interests were in cognitive ethology, problem solving, and communication.

Her interest in animals and behavior began when she was very young bringing home lost & injured animals. She has worked for the San Diego Zoological Society at the Wild Animal Park, training exotic animals such as a tiger cub, pot-bellied pig, kangaroo, great horned owl, binturong and the list goes on.

Although, Patricia has studied elephants, chimps, and trained tigers and kangaroos, she held a special place in her heart for domestic cats and dogs.


Patricia Simonet was a member of the Animal Behavior Society, American Psychological Association, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, & Delta Society.