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If you find yourself wanting to work with animals, the best thing to do is ask lots of questions, both of yourself and people in the various fields in which you are interested.

The Animal Behavior Soceity offers a comprehensive list of educational programs (both undergraduate and advanced degrees) in animal behavior. Most zoos will gladly allow volunteers into their facilities. Many field research positions are available for those with interest. Go to the Animal Behavior Soceity site for listings of field research positions. Find a mentor to follow and shadow. And most importantly, shelters are always in need of assistance training animals to be better citizens for adoption.

If exotic animal training is your preference, then there are two exciting programs for training and management of exotic animals. Moorpark College is a two year community college where students learn both biology and behavior of exotic animals. This program prepares students for employment at zoological parks culminating in an Associate degree. The second program, Cat Tales teaching school, is a pratical hands on program (as is Moorpark), but there is no degree associated with completion of the program. This program is one year in length and prepares students for work in zoological parks

Remember the animals need our assistance to be the best pet possible. Being consistent, steady, and happy with what you do is the key to success in any career.